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I support clients discover or rediscover their strengths and abilities,
explore their potential and achieve life ambitions.



   My approach to working with clients is to:

   * be non-judgemental

   * be supportive

   * provide accountability

   * be objective

   constructively and gently challenge negative thought processes

   * help identify negative beliefs and transform them into positive ones

   * support clients in stepping out of their comfort zone, at their own pace

   * provide a platform for empowering clients to confidently face difficult challenges and overcome barriers


  Whether it be individual or group work, emotional intelligence and self-awareness underpin everything I do, supporting clients in          identifying and utilising their power to kick start the process of transformation and achieve their goals, whatever they may be.

  So whether you are a young person or adult struggling with your emotions and want to change your behaviour, a survivor of abuse        unsure how to move past what you’ve experienced, living with a chronic illness or seeking your purpose, I can provide the tools     

  needed to empower you to make the changes you desire.



 One to One coaching sessions are personalised, according to your individual needs. Sessions can be online or  on the phone and occasionally     in person, depending on your location.  Most clients have around 6 sessions plus a summary session to explore progress and the future/next   steps but this is flexible because I adapt according to your requirements. Please book an appointment for your FREE 30 minute initial   consultation, so we can discuss your needs and see if we're a good fit.

Online coaching sessions

Cassandra coaching online


 Teenager and adult workshops and programmes:

  • The EDS UK teens Confidence Building and Hopes & Dreams workshops

  • The Nurturing Mum’s programme – Child development and emotional awareness for mums

  • Pandora’s Box – Emotional awareness programme for teenage girls

  • The Independent You programme- Independent Living for young people


 To book me for a workshop, programme or speaking engagement, please send your enquiry to or use   the Contact Me page.

Confidence building workshop with EDS UK teens in Exeter

Emotional development workshop with mums at Max Roach

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