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“I’m going to Be OK” or "I'm fine" is often what we say when people ask how we are, even though we probably aren’t. 

How can we really be fine when we live with pain every single day...? 


Broken but OK. That has been our lives for a very long time. Sometimes it’s easier to say that, because most people just don’t get it! 

Many illnesses and disabilities are invisible, but when it's also rarely heard of – even by medical professionals – or remains undiagnosed, the battle can multiply tenfold.  


With a touch of humour and a whole lot of truth, we hope our story encourages others living with chronic illnesses to not only be able to identify with our experiences, but also to realise that they, too, can overcome the challenges preventing them from living a fulfilled life.

Broken side shot.jpg


Our story focuses on some of the challenges we’ve faced living with chronic illnesses, from our first recollections of consistent pain as children to how we’ve managed to overcome those challenges to become the women we are today.

Holding ourselves together by a string, we battle through each day like warriors, unable to show the world what our body and mind really feel like. 

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