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Self-care isn't just about pedicures and candlelight by the bath. It's so much more than that.

To practice self care is to look after ourselves mentally, emotionally and physically and it's important to do so in a way that is sustainable and part of our routine, just like brushing our teeth.

Many find it difficult to put themselves first, maintain self care or even understand what it is they need to do to look after themselves holistically. That used to be me.

Often, when living with chronic illness, the focus is so much on hospital appointments, pain, looking after loved ones, paying the bills etc, that we forget about our basic needs; what helps us to keep going. This contributes towards flare ups, burn out and depression.


  • Struggle to prioritise yourself

  • Are unsure of where to start

  • Struggle to maintain self-care practices

This course is just what you need to help you to focus on YOU!

Explore how to transform your way of thinking and looking after yourself by using tools to

incorporate a self-care mindset into your every day.


  • 5 modules covering the foundation to implementing self-care into your life

  • A workbook to record your thoughts, feelings and progres

  • Direct email access to ask me questions if you get stuck

All for just £10.99!

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