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A Pathway to Emotional Wellbeing while living with Chronic Illness

This course is for people living with a chronic condition who are ready to embark on a journey of taking back their power.

You will be guided through a 6-step process designed to remind you of who you are, challenge and empower you to live a fulfilled and happy life, despite obstacles you may face because of your health. 

You will explore how to identify and fulfill your needs, coping strategies including pacing, alternative ways to achieve your goals and much more. Whether your goals are personal or career-centred, this course will help you to achieve them.


The process you will go through:


·      is not a quick fix to solving all your problems

·       won’t cure your condition and

·       won’t change your life overnight


What it will do is:


·       encourage you to be honest with yourself

·       guide you through ways to transform your mindset

·       support you to create a better quality of life

·       help you work towards achieving your goals




*6 modules to guide you in living the life you desire

*A workbook to record your thoughts, feelings and progress

*Direct email access to ask questions if you get stuck



Instalment plan available 

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