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Chronic Warriors Welcome

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

Welcome to the Chronic Warriors Podcast blog.

In this blog I will update you on episodes of the Chronic Warriors Podcast, as well as sharing my own and others experiences as Chronic Warriors.

Since accepting my lot in life as someone who lives with chronic conditions, I’ve been on a journey of discovery and new experiences. I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone in so many ways; from vlogging on Youtube channel EDS Unplugged and writing BrOKen with Marcia Brock, creating courses and my new podcast, which I’m so excited about!

So why “Chronic Warriors”?

I wanted to create this platform to elevate the ‘feel-good factor’ in the chronic illness community.

Since delving into social media and the chronic illness world over the past few years I’ve found a lot of anger, despair and despondency. Now, I totally get all of those feelings. I’ve been there. And occasionally I still go there with no apology. But I realised a long time ago how remaining in that place impacts my mental, emotional and physical health even more.

Being able to recognise how my thoughts and actions affected my health and being able to take back my power by changing my mindset, played a major part in me deciding to become a chronic illness mindset coach and course creator. My mission is to help as many people as possible who live with chronic illness to empower themselves.

Now let me be clear, I’m not saying that platitudes, mindset and positive quotes are a magic wand that have fixed my body. I wish. All I know is that I felt a hell of a lot worse in every way before I got to where I am now. I was stuck. I had nothing good to say about myself, a worse quality of life and no hope for my future.

So, I’ve started the podcast, in hope that it will inspire, motivate and empower others who have just started having symptoms and are scared they have no future, have lived with symptoms for a long time and given up on themselves or those who just need a little push to go for what they want in life.

The podcast will mainly consist of guests who are managing to live a fulfilled life despite, or even in spite of having a chronic illness.

So I would love to be able to do live podcasts every week, but I have to be realistic about what I can manage and it would be unrealistic for me to pretend my health would allow me to always be physically present. So, I'll be doing pre-recorded audio episodes, fortnightly with a monthly theme.

I hope you’ll join me as I embark on this new venture and get as much out of it as you can.

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