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Living with a chronic condition can be devastating. As well as the physical pain, it can cause mental and emotional distress, affect relationships, career and every single aspect of life.


That was definitely the case for me for many years. I felt I had been robbed of my childhood, career ambitions and overall hopes and dreams for a happy, fulfilled life.


Over time, I began to lack the energy and motivation to get up in the morning, let alone do anything else.


The transformation I went through didn’t happen overnight; it was a challenging and emotional process, but it was definitely worth it.



At 33 years old I was finally diagnosed with hypermobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (hEDS) & Fibromyalgia. Since the age of 13, these conditions had gone undiagnosed and I’d been fobbed off and made to feel like a hypochondriac by several specialists.

Then one day, I got to the ‘enough is enough’ stage and decided to take back control of my life.


By reflecting on the process I had gone through (with all it’s up and downs), I wanted to do something that could help others in a structured way, so I created a 6 step blueprint to help others transform their mindset and reclaim their power.

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