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Let's Talk Self Care

Join the online coaching group NOW!

Is pacing yourself a constant challenge?

Or have you forgotten who you are beneath the symptoms?

Do you find yourself constantly at the bottom of the list because you struggle to prioritise yourself?


Is it difficult to set boundaries, which results in you feeling bad about yourself or allowing others to take advantage of you?


Why Join Us?


**Expert Guidance**: Learn from a Mindset Coach who has lived experience of the challenges of living with chronic illness.


** Extra Support**: Receive support from the creator of the Chronic Illness Self Care course.


**Community Whatsapp Group**: Connect with a compassionate community that shares your experiences and can offer each other support.


**Holistic Approach**: Embrace a holistic approach to wellbeing, focusing on mental, emotional, and physical health.

What's on Offer


*6 Weekly Group Sessions: Engage in interactive, live sessions covering topics that support you in transforming your mindset for sustainable self care. 


*Online Community: Stay connected with fellow members through our private WhatsApp group.


*Goal Setting & Accountability: Set achievable goals and get support to stay on track.


Take the First Step Today!


INTRODUCTORY PRICE, JUST £25. That's less than £5 per session!



We've got an even better offer for you.


If you purchase the Chronic Illness Self Care workbook on Etsy, you will be sent a special link to pay just £7 to join the coaching group.

See link below.

OFFER ENDS 15th July 2024.

Join 'Let's Talk Self Care', an empowering online coaching group dedicated to helping you navigate your life with the tools you need to thrive.

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