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A big warm hello and welcome to the Chronic Warriors Academy.

We're so happy you're here!


The Chronic Warriors Academy (CWA) is a platform for people with chronic illnesses,

created by people with chronic illnesses. 

The CWA provides transformational courses, services and products

to support a journey from despair to hope.


I founded the Chronic Warriors Academy because providing survival tools for people with conditions like mine is very important to me, particularly after enduring decades of no emotional support or practical coping strategies from the medical profession.

My personal journey and work with clients has highlighted how much our environment, challenges and upbringing can impact how we think about ourselves and what we believe we can achieve in life; what we tell ourselves is very powerful and influences our feelings and behaviours.

Music, dancing, my son, partner, friends and family, giving to my communities and knowing there is more to me than these conditions are what keep me going and bring joy to my life.


I am the founder of BetaMinds CIC which is a youth and community provision forcused on Personal, Social and Health skills. I’m also the creator of Rhy's Consultancy whereby I deliver 1:1 workshops, project management, co-facilitation and training.

I am the proud mum to 2 son's, I enjoy reading, creating art, day trips, marvel films, eating out and catching up with friends and family. 


I hope to contribute towards creating a safe space where chronic warriors are able to learn, share and just be themselves unapologetically and without judgement.




I am a doula supporting people & families through their pregnancy, birth and postpartum periods. I am also a placenta remedies specialist & qualified holistic massage therapist with a level 3 in anatomy, pathology and physiology.

I am the founder of a community initiative called My Doula Library whereby we lend educational books to the local community because I believe education shouldn’t cost a bomb. As someone who knows what it’s like first hand to have multiple chronic illnesses & disabilities, it‘s important for me to support other individuals experiencing the same thus building a community that we can all feel safe in.

I'm a neurospicy mom of 2 and I’ve been with my partner for 11 years. My hobbies include freediving, singing in the mirror whilst using my hair brush as a mic, live music, photography, performing arts, cello and herbalism!

 A message from our founder Cassandra A Campbell


"Living with a chronic illness can be devastating.
As well as the physical pain, chronic illness can cause mental and emotional distress, affect interpersonal relationships, career and every single aspect of life. At one point or another we feel like we've been robbed of our childhoods, career prospects, ambitions and overall hopes and dreams for a happy, fulfilled life.


Over time, The lack of energy and motivation to get through the day becomes overwhelming but change is possible. The transformation won't happen overnight; It will be a challenging and emotional process, but it will definitely be worth it!"


At 33 years old I was finally diagnosed with hypermobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (hEDS) & Fibromyalgia. Since the age of 13, these conditions had gone undiagnosed and I’d been fobbed off and made to feel like a hypochondriac by several specialists.

Then one day, I got to the ‘enough is enough’ stage and decided to take back control of my life.


By reflecting on the process I had gone through (with all it’s up and downs), I wanted to do something that could help others in a structured way, so I created a 6 step blueprint to help others transform their mindset and reclaim their power.

The Chronic Warriors Academy is a platform that provides tools to support

you on your journey of self awareness,

self love and self empowerment, while managing the challenges of living with chronic illness.

Based in London

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Controlling your personal information

Chronic Warriors Academy will not sell, distribute or lease your personal information to third parties unless you have given permission or is required by law to do so.

Read the full Disclaimer and Privacy Policy here.

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